Breathing and meditating through 丹田 Tanden【En】

Breathing and Meditating through Tanden (丹田)
A Special Workshop by Tomohiro Hashimoto

Feeling stressed? Finding it difficult to stay focus? Having too many things in mind? Or just getting harder to let go of negative emotions?

That might be the cause of imbalance of Tanden, also known as the center of “qi (=life force).” If that’s the case, I have a great workshop for you.

Conceptualized by martial arts, Eastern medical tradition, and Zen, Tanden is important for a person’s practice as the center of the gravity, the source of vital energy flow, as well as the point for internal meditative techniques. Tanden is located around the area below the navel.

In Japanese term, when a person knows clearly what to do in a difficult situation, s/he would reach a stable mental status called “腹が座る(= Hara ga suwaru),” where “Hara” means Tanden/belly, and “suwaru” means “to sit/stay.” If a person knows how to access the “qi (=life force)” in Tanden and keep the energy flow, s/he would become confident, stable, and powerful.

This special workshop is hence designed to help you locate your Tanden in your body, as well as the breathing technique and mediation through Tanden. You will be able to get the sense of true meaning of “being in the center”.

(Please note this workshop will be held in Japanese mainly and English will be used for alternative instructions when it is requested.)


About the Guest Instructor – Tomohiro Hashimoto

Mr. Hashimoto is a spiritualist, martial artist, and counselor. He is a black belt holder of Aikido and practices Japanese sward play, through which he disciplines himself for spiritual pursuit. As counselor, his service covers both psychological and spiritual fields, providing clients the emotional and mental supports. He has lived in Australia and USA. He has an open mindset and greatly appreciate diversity.


Day and time:
Friday September 28, 7:45pm to 8:45pm

2500 yen per person
Students at Rainbow Yoga Tokyo for Men can get 500 yen off per person

Sumuzo Studio in Shinbashi (6 minute walk from the Karasumori exit at Shinbashi Station)
2nd Floor, 6-7-3 Shinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo

What to bring

  • Belt (regular one for the pants)
  • Yoga mat (if you have one) or towel to lay down on the floor
  • Comfortable clothes for exercise
  • Water bottle for hydration
  • An open mind


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