Rainbow Yoga Tokyoは、性自認男性(ゲイ・バイ・トランス・アライ+)のためのヨガ教室です。国際色も豊かで、幅広い世代の方に参加していただいています。ゲイフレンドリー。少人数制です。



Rainbow Yoga Tokyo is open to men of all nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, and other backgrounds. We are gay-friendly. We provide Hatha yoga classes, special workshops, and events.

Yoga means “unite”. Through a tool of Yoga, here is the place we can come together with a light heart.
Are you looking for a nice and cozy yoga class in Tokyo? Come, join us. English available.

6月より、初中級ー中級クラスはウィークデーの夜になります。水曜(月2回) 7:10pm〜8:10pm。Schedule をチェック。

From June, we have a new schedule for low intermediate – intermediate level class
: Wed evening 7:10pm-8:10pm (twice a month). See the schedule.


Free sunset yoga on the beach on Sat July 2 at Omori Furusatnono Hamabe park in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Come join us. For more info, click here.

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