Why Rainbow Yoga is just for men? Why gay friendly? Why in English?【En】

Rainbow Yoga Tokyo creates a gay-friendly and neutral community for men to participate in yoga, healing arts and other cultural activities.

It is a place where men can forget about being a “man” from the social expectations of a fixed gender identity. At Rainbow Yoga Tokyo, we can be TRUE to ourselves.

We live in a society where most people still assume others are heterosexual, which could make some gay people feel excluded and unwelcome. It would make us feel even more isolated if we live in a foreign country due to the language and cultural barriers.

Rainbow Yoga Tokyo welcomes all men of all nationalities, ages, and sexual orientations. In Shinbashi class, English is the primary language. In Shinjuku class, the instruction is given mainly in Japanese,  where English will be used upon request or when it is necessary to make others feel more inclusive.





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